Einstein’s Business

Einstein’s Business:
Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence
in the Workplace


“If you read one business book this year, make it this one.”
Pamela ChatryBusiness Book Club

Business today is at the forefront of social change and personal transformation. While past generations saw organizations consuming people and the environment in their soulless quest for ever-increasing profit and growth, a new generation of business leaders has a fresh new vision. Today’s companies, schools, and nonprofits are run differently, think differently, and engage human creativity at a whole new level.

Einstein’s Business is a primer for twenty-first century leadership. Fifty of the most innovative and brilliant authorities of our time show that business leaders can be activists, improving society and the environment without sacrificing income or growth. The old divides between profit and principles—and between individual good and the good of the organization—are seen for the fallacies they are, as organizations that ignite the creativity of teams and individuals thrive and prosper to a degree that the hidebound company of yesterday could not have imagined. And when well-led, empowered people get together, an engaged community emerges, leading to breakthrough thinking and new innovations that hold the promise of a better society and a healthier world.

In bite-sized chunks of five to ten pages, the chapters of this anthology give you the information, the examples, and—best of all—the inspiration to lead meaningful change in your organization. Einstein’s Business guides you into reimagining your workplace as the place of your dreams—then gives you the tools to get there.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein


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