Interview Questions

Einstein’s Business:
Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence
in the Workplace

Interview Questions:

1. Dawson, this is such an interesting anthology – close to 50 chapters by heavy-hitters in the business world like Tom Peters, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, et al. sharing their unique insights into how to best thrive in today’s business climate. What was the inspiration behind this collection of writings?

2. And you similarly created another recent anthology with contributions by other big names including Prince Charles that also won a prestigious national award. Tell us about that book.

3. So when entrepreneurs are interested in publishing a book to enhance their professional life – and hopefully bring in new business – where do most of them go wrong?

4. What would you say are the main ingredients for a successful self-published title?

5. What’s the main misconception about the publishing arena for “newbies?”

6. And in each of your anthologies you uniquely combine well-established authors along side what you call “new voices” – contributions by unknown writers, often their first time in print. Tell us about that.

7. And I understand you’re currently looking for “new voices” for your upcoming anthology, Peak Vitality: Raising the Threshold of Abundance in Our Material, Spiritual and Emotional Lives. So, if someone’s interested in learning more about this opportunity and possibly submitting some writing for consideration, what should they do?

8. If I’m in a job that’s at the bottom of the ladder, say sorting mail in the mailroom of a multinational corporation, how can I possibly make a difference in the world?

9. Most people think that corporations are just out for profit, and don’t care a hoot about the planet or the people they damage in their pursuit of the bottom line. Is this true?

10. I’m mad as %#$@* at the restrictions of my job. I can’t wait to quit or retire. Are you saying I should stay where I am?

11. What are some of the big trends you see in the world of work today?

12. How do you believe the global economy will shift in the next few years?

13. How can I get ahead with such huge forces at play?

14. What makes the difference between an inspired company and a traditional company?

15. You talk about the concept of “Leapfrogging,” and describe how companies, species and nations can get a jump on those around them. Tell us more about what leapfrogging looks like.

16. There’s lots of talk about corporate social responsibility. It this just a smokescreen, or is something really changing under the surface.

17. Give us some examples of people and organizations that are truly making a difference.

“I want to know all Gods thoughts; all the rest are just details.”
—Albert Einstein